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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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• Cool Climate Olives
• Organically Grown
• Hand Picked
• Estate Processed within hours of being picked
• Stone Milled
• Un-Filtered
• Estate Bottled

Using modern organic farm practices, our slowly matured olives are hand harvested in early winter and are cold pressed in a single pressing within hours of picking. This premium quality extra virgin olive oil is not filtered but naturally decanted and estate bottled.

At Kiewa Estate we only produce quality extra virgin olive oil for our complete product range. Our four culinary olive oil varieties have their own distinct flavour:

Olive oil Varieties
Manzanilla golden, nutty with a taste of pepper
Frantoio green, silky and fruity with a hint of pepper
Verdale green, soft, earthy woodland flavour
Leccino green, thick, spicy and voluptuous

Like wine, olive oil varies by the year, but unlike wine, estate bottled oil cannot be made better with blending and bio-chemical fancywork. It is esentially only the juice pressured from the fruit.

All our 4 varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available in 500ml, 200ml and 50ml bottles.

Bottle choices for 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oils
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500ml bottles
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200ml bottles

50ml bottles