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Our skin is a semi-porous barrier to the environment that absorbs whatever we put on it. Think of your skincare as ‘food for your skin’ and avoid using anything that you would not want to eat. Olive oil is one of the few oils that is able to nourish the skin while allowing it to breath. It has been used for centuries as a skin healer.

The body and beauty care properties of fragrant olive oil were cherished by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Jeanne Calment of Arles, on her 121st birthday, attributed her longevity to olive oil. She ate it with every meal and applied it daily to her skin.“I have only one wrinkle”, she said, “and I am sitting on it”.

You can now enjoy the benefits yourself with our new range of fragrant extra virgin olive oils and soaps.

Our Fragrant Oils contain no artificial ingredients and are produced exclusively with Kiewa Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and added natural aromatherapy essential oils. Massage this nourishing oil into your body, add to your bath water or use as a treatment for dry hair.

Our range of Olive Oil Soaps are traditionally hand crafted in the Castile fashion using our extra virgin olive oil, natural ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils. The traditional cold process method used, produces a Castile soap which has retained the nutritional values of the natural ingredients as well as the formed glycerin, an additional moisturiser.

Traditionally known as the ‘Queen of Soaps’ Castile soap was considered to be delicate enough for the skin of the European Aristocracy. In modern times Castile soap has become the soap of choice for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Fragrant Body Oils

Bath and Body Oil (Spicy Oriental)

Kiewa Castile Soaps:
• Natural Castile
• Blue Lavender
• Gardener’s
• Goat’s Milk
• Lemon Grass
• Orange & Cinnamon
• Patchouli & Ylang Ylang
• Rose Red Clay
• Sensual, Sandle Wood
• White Lavender

• Cedar Wood Shave