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Agrumato Oils

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The Italian word for citrus is 'agrume'. Agrumato is an exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by combining whole citrus fruit with Leccino olives. Kiewa Estate Agrumato is produced from Estate grown olives and local and estate grown citrus fruit.

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The olives and citrus fruits are hand picked in early winter and processed in a single cold pressing using our modern granite stone mill. The resulting Extra Virgin Olive Oil is then decanted into stainless steel tanks and allow to slowly settle over winter.

Kiewa Estate does not filter its Olive Oil, preferring to use the centuries old method of allowing the naturally cloudy olive oil to settle gently into a clear soft fruity finish, rich in both colour and flavour.

Agrumato is the perfect partner to cheese, grilled fish, chicken, seafood, bruschetta and salads, or just simply savoured on plain Greek style yoghurt.

Kiewa Estate produces the following Agrumato varieties:

Lemon Agrumato Ripe lemon aroma, perfect brushed on boiled fish

Lime Agrumato Fresh and delicate aroma, a great complement to shellfish

Mandarin Agrumato Sweet and complemetary drizzled on Mozzarella and tomato bruschette

Orange Agrumato Orange zest aroma, perfect companion to grilled fish and chicken breast

Tangerine Agrumato Agrumato Tangerine Agrumato

All our 5 varieties of Agrumato Oils are available in
200ml and 50ml bottles.

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